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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Part 1


Praise and thanks to Allah, who is so Kind to His slaves.

اللَّهُ لَطِيفٌ بِعِبَادِهِ

Allah is very Gracious and Kind to His slaves.

He is Pure without any faults

He is holy without any flaws

He is blessed, and all good lies in His hand.

بِيَدِكَ الْخَيْرُ ۖ إِنَّكَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

“In your hand is all good. You are powerful over everything”


Dear students, I remind myself and you to fear Allah, by completing your duties to Him. Allah says:

إِنَّ الْمُتَّقِينَ فِي جَنَّاتٍ وَنَهَرٍ

فِي مَقْعَدِ صِدْقٍ عِندَ مَلِيكٍ مُّقْتَدِرٍ

Surely, the God-fearing people will be in gardens and rivers,
In a seat of honour near a powerful king.

In a seat of honour near a powerful king.


Dear students, one time a boy called Yusuf saw a dream. He saw 11 stars and the sun and moon do sajdah to him. When he told his dad, his dad advised him

يَا بُنَيَّ لَا تَقْصُصْ رُؤْيَاكَ عَلَىٰ إِخْوَتِكَ فَيَكِيدُوا لَكَ كَيْدًا ۖ إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لِلْإِنسَانِ عَدُوٌّ مُّبِينٌ

My dear son, do not relate your vision to your brothers or they will contrive against you a plan. Indeed Satan, to man, is a manifest enemy.

The 11 brothers understanding the dream may become jealous of him. Or they may want to stop Yusuf from becoming great over them.

Jealousy is a real problem, and it is dangerous.

My dears, jealousy is when you don’t like someone having something good. You want that good to go away from them. Something Allah has chosen for them.

Our Prophet ﷺ advised us:

وَلاَ تَحَاسَدُوا
Don’t be jealous of one another. (Bukhari)

Our Prophet ﷺ advised:

وَكُونُوا عِبَادَ اللَّهِ إِخْوَانًا
Be servants of Allah brothers (Bukhari)

Dear students, Jealousy can happen between siblings, between friends, between colleagues, between anyone.

We seek Allah’s protection from the jealous person in Surah Al Falaq.

وَمِن شَرِّ حَاسِدٍ إِذَا حَسَدَ

(I seek Allah’s protection) from the jealous person when he does jealousy.

Try to not be jealous. And Allah is the best to cleanse. And the best to purify.

May Allah bless me and you and purify us thoroughly.

Seek Allah’s forgiveness and pardon. He is the Pardoning and loves to pardon.


Praise and Taqwa

Alhamdulillah, who creates whatever he wishes, and chooses.

وَرَبُّكَ يَخْلُقُ مَا يَشَاءُ وَيَخْتَارُ

And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses;

My dears, some people choose this world, and when this life finishes all their dreams finish.

And some people choose the next life, so they will be like kings, no, even more, in paradise.

So have taqwa of Allah. Fear Him.

وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ وَاعْلَمُوا أَنَّكُم مُّلَاقُوهُ ۗ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.

So don’t brag and boast about your success and achievements. Try not to make other people jealous of you.

When you feel jealous, get rid of it. Don’t act on it. Don’t want bad for others.

Love good for others. Want good for others.

Our Prophet advised:

لا يُؤْمِنُ أَحَدُكُمْ حَتَّى يُحِبَّ لأَخِيهِ مَا يُحِبُّ لِنَفْسِهِ ‏

None of you has faith (truly believes) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. (Bukhari)

Let us love this ummah, our fellow Muslims.

Allah’s Prophet ﷺ advised:

لاَ تَدْخُلُونَ الْجَنَّةَ حَتَّى تُؤْمِنُوا وَلاَ تُؤْمِنُوا حَتَّى تَحَابُّوا

You won’t enter Paradise until you have faith. And you won’t have faith till you love one another. (Muslim 54a)

Whats one thing that will cause Muslims to love one another? Our Prophet ﷺ said:

أَفْشُوا السَّلاَمَ بَيْنَكُمْ

Spread the salam among you. (Muslim 54a)


Let us pray to Allah subhanahu wataAla.

O Allah give strength to Islam and Muslims.

O Allah grant our soul its taqwa and cleanse it, you are the best to cleanse. You are its guardian and protecting friend.

O Allah give us good in this world, and good in the hereafter, and protect us from the punishment of the fire.

Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids immoral actions, and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded.



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